Instore Radio Software

The modern cloud radio platform for chain stores

The comprehensive cloud based instore audio distribution solution

The software is specially designed for supplying stores with audio content such as background music or in-store audio advertising. All audio streaming activities to professionally provide branch networks or individual stores with music and information can be controlled online. The user-friendly online backend with its intuitive interface makes managing all radio functions for any number of locations child's play.


The software solution comes with 22 installed royalty-free music programs.

Advertising planning

With the Spot Tool, you can upload your own commercials to the system and air them exactly planned to the minute.


Optionally, you can receive our software solution with pre-installed infotainment content, e. g.: news, weather forecast, stock exchange updates.

Audio Branding

A powerful playlist tool allows you to create your own brand specific "music color".


The entire system is internet-based and can be used worldwide

Location independent - unlimited scalability - centrally managed

Hosted on servers in Germany

High operational reliability and around-the-clock availability guaranteed by multiple safeguarding.

Excellent audio quality

Modern audio encoding guarantees excellent sound quality of your radio programme.

IT-Support 24/7

In case of any problems, our expert IT support is always available.

Ready for a free trial?

The Instore Radio System can be tested free of charge for 30 days at a company location of your choice.