Hardware Partner Axis

As an in-store audio specialist, we offer a complete in-store radio service for many industries throughout Europe. Technically, our service is based on the internationally proven hardware solutions of our partners Axis Network Audio Systems and Streamit B.V.

The following is a brief introduction to the Axis solution. You can find the solution page about our partner Streamit here.

The Axis audio technology is network-based, ensuring a cost-effective supply of music, announcements, in-store advertising and optional infotainment. All services are centrally controlled online.
We offer a royalty free in-store radio service with a wide range of music for retailers, hotels, restaurants, wellness centres, fitness studios and many other industries.

Smart in-store audio technology

Network-based Axis audio systems are easy to install. They are based on open standards and can therefore be easily integrated into other systems. Our audio portfolio includes horn speakers and accessories that complement our network cameras. We also have complete, high-quality audio systems that are perfect for background music and announcements in stores and other facilities.

Sound from any source

The AXIS Network Audio Bridge is an intelligent and simple solution for connecting and combining analog and network audio systems. You can play music from analog sources in your Axis network audio system.

Axis all-in-one speaker system

The AXIS Speaker Series is an all-in-one speaker system connected via a single network cable. It is immediately ready for use and offers high sound quality even without fine tuning.

Axis C8033 framed
axis audio systems

AXIS C8033 lets you connect analog audio sources to Axis network speakers. For example, you can play music from mobile phones, tablets, computers or a professional music streaming box. On the other hand, you can also connect any digital source to your analog speaker system. This means that you can take advantage of the AXIS Audio Player application to schedule playlists with music and voice and play pre-recorded announcements. Or you can make unplanned announcements via your VoIP system. And Smart Zoning lets you send the right music and announcements to the right speakers at the right time.

AXIS Audio Player is a pre-installed application that lets you play back background music. With an integrated SD memory card or audio streaming service, you can create your own playlists with a schedule. The AXIS C1004-E series is also ideal for announcements (scheduled or live messages). Thanks to the integrated audio synchronization technology, the speaker ranges can be matched to each other. No additional hardware is required in conjunction with the intelligent network-based audio systems from our partner Axis. No additional streaming box, no other eclectic equipment.

Ready for a free trial?

The Instore Radio System can be tested free of charge for 30 days at a company location of your choice.