Hardware Partner Streamit B.V.

As an in-store audio specialist, we offer a complete in-store radio service for many industries throughout Europe. Technically, our service is based on the internationally proven hardware solutions of our partners Axis Network Audio Systems and Streamit B.V.

The following is a brief introduction to the Streamit solution. You can find the solution page about our partner Axis here.

The Streamit audio distribution technology is network-based, ensuring a cost-effective supply of music, announcements, in-store advertising and optional infotainment. All services are centrally controlled online.
We offer a royalty free in-store radio service with a wide range of music for retailers, hotels, restaurants, wellness centres, fitness studios and many other industries.

Smart in-store audio distribution technology

Streamit offers reliable, convenient, simple and affordable streaming audio solutions. These solutions include audio and video streaming devices, players and distribution platforms.

The functionality of Streamit’s products is optimized for the practical requirements of in-store operation. The devices are easy to operate, control and configure. Streamit devices work reliably around the clock.

The flagship solution: LISA

The main product of Streamit’s in-store audio solutions are the Lisa players. These audio players, developed by Streamit itself, can be used for streaming as well as for Store & Forward. An excellent hardware solution with an impressive number of applications.

Lisa LCD or Lisa Compact?

The Lisa LCD is a full-featured streaming audio player. It has an LCD display with buttons that allow user input on the desktop. When keyboard control is not required, the Lisa Compact is a cost-effective alternative to Lisa LCD the ideal and cost-effective  

Lisa LCD
Lisa LCD + compact

Distribute your streams

Streamit enables you to easily distribute your streams. Use your streaming server and our Device portal and Lisa audio player(s). With a Device portal Basic subscription you can configure the Lisa players. Get a Device portal Extended subscription for monitoring.


With store-and-forward (SAF) the audio player downloads its content to the card at a specified time. When the content is scheduled for playout it will play directly from the SD card. Therefore, the internet connection is 100% available for other uses.

Ready for a free trial?

The Instore Radio System can be tested free of charge for 30 days at a company location of your choice.