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The Radio Cloud software provides your stores with music and information.

Instore Radio Plug & Play

The Instore Cloud Radio platform offers intelligent features that enable companies to increase sales on retail space. The solution enables the management and monitoring of audio streams, offers convenient playlist functions, planning and broadcasting of your own commercials to the minute. Powerful content encryption ensures the security of audio content. All functions are combined in a coherent and robust plug-and-play system that can be conveniently used as a hosted cloud solution. The system integrates seamlessly with existing playlist generators and content creation solutions.

Your own soundbranded radio

With our Instore Radio solution you can use a technically reliable online solution for the acoustic design of your business premises. The solution is hosted in Germany and is continuously updated and expanded.

Compile music individually

Whether background music from our radio programs or your own playlist - give your stores an individual audio branding. With our playlist tool are provided all what's necessary to put together your individual retail radio programs. All functions are included in our monthly fee, which you pay for each connected store.

Infotainment Modules

With attractive infotainment content, you can make even more out of your radio broadcast: Inform and entertain your customers professionally and give them up to date while they are shopping. Our attractive infotainment modules can be integrated into your radio stream.

Radio Streaming Hardware

Optionally, special hardware can be used: The Instore Radio program is received online via a streaming audio receiver. The audio receivers are connected directly to the Internet and connected to your amplifier system via cable.

Profil Cloud Radio Konto

Access everywhere, thanks to online account

For the central administration of any number of branches: Your personal Cloud Radio account. Our Instore Radio platform offers various possibilities to make the acoustic design of your stores as easy as possible.

User-friendly management interface

The management interface in the customer account is tidy, clear and intuitive: Everyone can quickly find their way around.

Adaptable to your needs

If your branch network requires special functions, our efficient development department will be at your side for an additional charge.

Effective Audio Branding

The effect of the ambience of rooms can be subtly varied by simply changing the music programme. In this way, the impact of the background music can be adjusted to a certain audience or adapted to the time of day. The creation of special playlists allows an even more extensive individualization of the sound environment.

Your audio advertisements

With the "Advertising Planning" tool in your online backend, you can create a minute-by-minute audio broadcast for your own advertising spots. You can upload your advertisements as mp3 files directly into your online customer account.

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Instore Radio Hardware

The Instore radio programme is received online via a streaming audio receiver. This streaming solution is similar in function to Internet radios. This hardware solution makes it possible to play the Instore radio program without the need of an Internet computer.

streaming audio hardware 1024

Plug & Play

The streaming audio receivers are delivered pre-configured. They can be connected directly to the Internet and connected to the PA system via cable.

Device Management Portal

The registration of the receivers with the Cloud Radio Device Management Portal enables a central online administration of any number of devices at any location worldwide.

Broadcast planning

A playlist specifies the order of the played tracks. A stream plan builds a stream from selected playlists, daily at 11.30 pm or manually at any other time.

Monitoring & Control

Status information about each device improves location management by your IT department. It is also possible to send special commands to the player to trigger a specific action.

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