The Cloud Radio Backend

Central online administration of any number of audio streams and locations.

Location-independent administration

One online account for any number of locations. Individual streams for every location possible.

Upgradable at any time

Your company is growing - your Instore Radio network grows with you: regional, national, global.

The Radio Program Management

The selection of music programs, the creation of playlists and the planning and display of advertising spots can be managed centrally online for all locations. The Instore Radio Program can be established on a regional, national and global level.

1 Instore Radio Backend Programme
2 Instore Radio Backend Playlisten

Professional audio branding for your company

Our 18 standard music programs are more than just a basic musical service. They offer so much variety that a simple program change is enough to noticeably change the atmosphere of commercial premises. The effect of the ambiance of rooms can be subtly varied by simply changing the music programs. In this way, spatial effects can be adjusted to a certain audience or adapted to the time of day. The design of special playlists allows an even more extensive individualization of the sound backdrop from rooms to professional audio branding of business premises.

Try goes beyond studying. Try it for free.

Planning of your advertisements

With the "Advertising Planning" tool in your online backend, you can create a minute-by-minute broadcasting planning for your own advertising spots. Your own commercials can be uploaded as mp3 files directly into your online customer account. With the Instore Radio System, the user himself can easily implement a structured broadcast schedule with targeted sales focus. The minute-by-minute scheduling allows for the synchronization of in-store advertising with external print, radio and TV advertising. In the online advertising planning calendar, the display dates are determined to the minute. The calendar view clearly shows when the spots or info contents are broadcast at which location. Advertising planning can be individually tailored to each store. Regional or national peculiarities can be taken into account. Attention-grabbing integrations of infotainment streams such as news broadcasts or weather forecasts.

4 Instore Radio Backend Werbe Spots Schaltplan
3 Instore Radio Backend Werbespot Playlist

Your advertising spot archive

With the advertising spot management you keep track of your advertising spots. Here you can upload new spots, delete no longer needed spot files and edit the descriptions of the uploaded commercials.

Everything under control

Your online backend for managing your shop radio is available at any time. Simply log on to the internet from a computer of your choice and call up the backend with your access data.

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streaming audio hardware 1024

The streaming hardware - cost-efficient and reliable.

The Instore radio programme is received online via a streaming audio receiver. This streaming solution is similar in function to Internet radios. The hardware solution enables playback of the Instore radio program without an Internet computer. The streaming audio receivers are connected directly to the Internet and connected to the audio system by cable.

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