The Radio Cloud for chain stores

Control the entire radio program for all your locations centrally via an online platform. Integrate infotainment elements such as news or weather forecasts individually at regional, national or global level.

Can be used worldwide

Proven technology & impressive functionality: The Cloud Radio Management solution is the result of many years of practical experience. The system is based on proven technology, which is now used by dozens of providers of Instore Radio users in many countries around the globe.

In most cases, service technicians on site can be dispensed with completely because the system can be controlled and monitored centrally online. Upon request, our service partners will take over the installation and commissioning of your Instore Radio in the branches to be connected.

Everything under control

Your Cloud Radio can be controlled and monitored by you or your service providers regardless of location. Content elements such as music programs, own commercials, overlays such as news, regional weather reports can be planned according to location and streamed to the minute.
You can outsource the entire system management as well as only partial processes such as playlist design, planning of transmission schedules, the insertion of your commercials or the marketing of your sales area sound reinforcement within the framework of partner advertising.

Features of the Cloud Radio Platform

Central administration of all program contents

Music and content can be defined individually for each store, certain locations, even for events with a limited time frame. Each music stream can be monitored in real time. And all this online from anywhere in the world.

Store-and-forward as an alternative

If you have only limited bandwidths available in your network or at individual locations, our system also supports regular updates of content and music at night. During the day the program is played back locally.

Freedom of choice

You can receive the radio programs with a variety of devices such as your cash register or back-office PC, Internet radio receivers, tablets, routers with media centers or special audio receivers.

Your advertising planning / content integration

Your own commercials can be planned for specific locations and scheduled to the minute. This also applies to news or weather reports that can be updated according to your specifications.

Competent support

If you have any questions or problems, our support team is at your side. We offer different service levels for every need.

Fail-safe server infrastructure

A cluster of high-performance servers guarantees an almost 100% availability of the system.

Optional additional services

The service cost are calculated and offered on a time and material basis

Audio Branding

Audio Branding is the new German name for "Acoustic Branding". Audio branding is about making brand identity audible by developing and using audible elements of brands or new audible brand elements.

Content Produktion

Spots, announcements, news or weather reports are produced for you with trained speakers and musicians in professional sound studios. The music used is selected by experienced musicians, mixed in sound studios and constantly updated.

Content Management

Support your brand with music. Our experienced music editors will put together the optimum radio programme for you. The integration of the content content is handled by experienced audio service providers.

Playlist maintenance

Every music program must be maintained, expanded and updated. Your specific specifications regarding the music color to be realized for your brand are exactly taken into account by our music editors.

Do you have technical questions about the features of our cloud solution?

Our development department will be happy to assist you.